Credit and Loan Fraud: What is Going on?

Today, in areas of large crowds of people you can see special terminals for issuing fast loans. To receive funds, you must specify the minimum personal information and scan a passport. Can I get a loan for someone else’s passport in such a terminal? Given the way such devices work, anyone who finds your lost passport can “try his luck” and apply for a loan.

What is a credit donation and how does it work?

Frauds with passports can be considered on the other hand. The fact is that people with bad credit history offer third parties to take a loan and get a cash reward for it. Such a scheme also works today. This type of credit donation does not lead to anything good. If you are offered a similar scheme, then do not agree. Of course, you will be seduced by the receipt of remuneration, and promised the timely payment of debt. However, as practice shows, in the end, you can remain with a huge debt to the bank and cannot challenge the loan, since you have registered it personally and, therefore, consciously.

Basically, the proposals “will help to take a loan on someone else’s passport” or assist in obtaining a loan on another’s passport come from people for whom the doors to the country’s banks have long been closed due to bad faith, lack of solvency and any valuable property. They only want to cash in on someone else’s account, and create naive citizens of our country a whole series of problems.

How to protect yourself from fraudsters?

Now you know that this is quite possible to take a loan having someone else’s passport, if crooks have the necessary acquaintances in banking institutions and relevant criminal skills. How to protect yourself from such troubles? How not to become another victim of criminals who want to get a quick profit at the expense of others?

  • Never give your documents to strangers.
  • Do not allow to make copies of your documents or photograph them under incomprehensible pretexts.
  • Do not leave your passport unattended.
  • If you lose your passport, immediately contact the nearest police station. So your documents will be immediately recognized as invalid, and fraudsters will not be able to get a loan for someone else’s passport through the Internet or in a bank.
  • Systematically check your credit history especially in cases where the documents have been lost, and you did not immediately declare this.
  • If you began to receive letters of debt, then do not rush to throw them away. First, carefully read the recipient’s details, and if they completely coincide with yours, then contact the bank to clarify the situation.

An experienced fraudster knows how difficult it is to get a loan for someone else’s passport and not incur punishment for it. Unfortunately, anyone can become a victim of such people anytime. In most cases, even photos or scan copies of the documents may appear to be enough to get in trouble.

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